Working Out a Diet Routine for Kids Who Do Self-Defense


It goes without saying that one’s diet is reflected in their lifestyle. For kids especially, having a healthy & balanced diet is very important, as the nutrition they receive in their initial years’ affects their health even when they get older. But the question that comes to mind is, do kids who do self-defense have a significantly different diet than those who don’t? This article will shed light on what is essential in those kids’ diets who do take part in workout exercises like self-defense training.


What should be included in their diet?

First we must understand what nutrition should be part of their everyday diet. Once that is defined, we can work towards ensuring they receive the kind of diet that can provide them with this nutrition. Jiu Jitsu Academy Dubai Strength & Conditioning Coach, Yannick Morel notes the following as a major part of a training diet:


Vitamins & Minerals

Here’s a little bit of what you need to know about the consumption of vitamins & minerals:



Nowadays, carbs & health are two words that people tend not to relate. However, for children in training, it is an important part of their diet:



Proteins in a trainee’s diet? That’s to be expected. But have you ever wondered why?



It goes without saying that hydration is crucial for trainees, & here’s how:


Important Tips

It is not only important to watch what is being consumed, but also how it is being consumed. Following are some helpful tips that can go a long way:


Many trainers & professionals design diet plans based on personal preferences. However, as part of one of the leading martial arts gyms in Dubai, we have hired specialized individuals like Yannick Morel who not only knows the ins & outs of the martial arts industry but also provides bespoke nutrition plans for all trainees. That is what makes   Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Dubai stand out, having an experienced nutritionist on the panel so that kids who do self-defense are in safe hands.


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