Fight Conditioning


What is Fight Conditioning?

Fight conditioning is related to physical conditioning. It involves building up aerobic capacity, strengthening muscles, increasing mobility & flexibility.  Fight conditioning include strengthening an individual’s body, adjusting their nutrition & honing their skills accordingly. Martial arts specialists – whether they are jiu-jitsu or kickboxing trainers – are specifically trained to draft up a plan for their students that optimize their skills & their health.


Physical Conditioning 

According to martial artist & nutritionist, Yannick Morel, a strength & conditioning coach:

  • Strength is a huge component in one’s success in martial arts. It takes time & effort to build it, & use it accordingly.
  • Being consistent with the workout routine, & training consistently to increase the efficiency of one’s skillis a significant part of physical conditioning.
  • Building one’s aerobic capability is important, as it allows the lactic energy system to re-stimulate one’s energy when their heart rate crosses the 160-170 beats per minute (BPM) mark. This gradually decreases the fatigue level of the fighter.
  • Maintaining one’s General Physical Preparedness (GPP) is also crucial while training. An individual’s GPP is directly linked to their performance, their diet & their skills. Hence, to train accordingly will ensure a good fighting chance.


Planning Ones Diet 

According to Morel, having a good diet plan is what makes a fighter be at his best. Without a healthy diet that boosts one’s energies & increases performance, a fighter won’t be able to endure the high intensity of the sport or his opponent.

  • Consume 5-6 small portions before a fight or training. Have something which is light & provides a good enough amount of energy.
  • A fighter’s diet should consist of fats (20-30% per meal), carbohydrates (60% in total) & proteins (0.5-0.9 g/pound of their body mass). This will allow the fighter to consume foods that provide more energy than a normal diet.
  • Keeping an eye on what one eats is essential, as the food that one eats will determine their physical tiredness or alertness. 


Best Ways to Optimize Ones Skill

  • Sleep Well

Getting an adequate amount of sleep before a fight will increase one’s concentration on their game.

  • No Alcohol

Stop consuming alcohol as the euphoric effects negatively impact one’s performance.

  • Take Breaks

Remember to take short-interval breaks during the workout.

  • Trust the Tried & Tested Before a Match

Don’t experiment with new modifications a night before a fight, whether it be for a diet or a training set.


Wheres the Best Place for Training?

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