Working Out a Diet Routine for Kids Who Do Self-Defense

Working Out a Diet Routine for Kids Who Do Self-Defense

It goes without saying that one’s diet is reflected in their lifestyle. For kids especially, having a healthy & balanced diet is very important, as the nutrition they receive in their initial years’ affects their health even when they get older. But the question that comes to mind is, do kids who do self-defense have a significantly […]

Shaping the Narrative of Self-Defense for Women as Priority

It is a rather tunnel view to perceive self-defense for women as only to fulfill the need for physical protection. In reality, it is a skill where one’s mind is also trained to build up cognitive techniques that can help them handle any unprecedented situation. & what better way to train than with kickboxing?   What is […]

Significance of Antara Jiu-Jitsu | Learn to Stand up to Opponents

Significance of Antara Jiu-Jitsu Learn to Stand up to Opponents

While martial arts like karate and judo are essential for self-defense and self-improvement. The art of Jiu-Jitsu also has a significant social, physical and mental impact. The benefits of learning Jiu-Jitsu are immense. Therefore, you’ll want to include it in your children’s life if possible. The sport promotes respect, discipline, and body awareness. All of these […]

Antara Jiu Jitsu – Is Exercising While Fasting Safe?

Antara  Jiu Jitsu - Is Exercising While Fasting Safe

With the month of Ramadan approaching, our experts in Jiu Jitsu Acadmy give their perspective on the benefits of training while fasting.   The Science Behind It Burning Fat Scientifically speaking, exercising while fasting helps individuals burn more fat in their bodies. When one fasts & exercises simultaneously, the stored carbohydrates (technically known as Glycogen) […]

Ladies Only Jiu-Jitsu Training | Creating Comfort for Women

One of the most significant advantages jiu-jitsu training affords is an increased sense of self-confidence. After all, jiu-jitsu – and, in particular, jiu-jitsu – provides women with self-defense training so that they can gain autonomy over their own bodies. Ladies only jiu-jitsu classes are an excellent way for you to stay fit, feel empowered and […]

Empowering Women through Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Techniques

    Jiu-jitsu self-defense can help women feel more empowered by helping them regain autonomy over their own physical security. Women need to understand what situations cause danger and set mental boundaries. Learning self-defense techniques may be a daunting task, but it is a skill worth acquiring for one’s own safety. Women need to be […]