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RG360 is a complete multi-level Antara Jiu-Jitsu curriculum developed by Antara that strictly follows the teaching of his father, Grandmaster Helio Gracie. The lesson program encompasses all aspects of Jiu-Jitsu, from fundamentals to advanced. Included in the program are a comprehensive Self Defense Curriculum, Grappling Curriculum, Weapon Defense Curriculum, Kids Curriculum, and a Law Enforcement / Military Curriculum. RG360 includes hundreds of techniques that could literally save your life during a real street confrontation. This innovative teaching method is an adaptation of Grand Master Helio Gracie’s private class curriculum to be used in a group setting. Originally, Grandmaster Helio’s Self Defense system was only taught through private lessons. Antara developed the RG360 program in order to allow students to learn his father’s system through group lessons.



The RG360 Youth Program focuses on the physical, emotional and mental well-being as well as the education of our children. It is “Education for Life”. Firstly, we provide our young students with the most powerful defensive skills so they will be ready to stand up against bullies. In addition, we assist our students with the development of characteristics and skills they will need in order to live a happy and balanced life. Our young students develop confidence, discipline, courage, responsibility, and leadership among other important values. We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict. The RG360 Youth Program focuses a great deal of attention to the development of self-esteem. A good self-image is the basis of a well functioning, happy and successful child. Our curriculum integrates physical education and self-defense techniques with conditioning and skill oriented games aimed at improving your child’s coordination, motor skills, agility and flexibility. Every instructor receives training in our unique training enabling them to deliver learning through dynamic interaction with the children, using a variety of approaches that meet the various learning types of individual children, whether visual, kinesthetic or auditory. Our youth program has been taught for over three decades in the Antara Jiu Jitsu Academy Miami (Valente brothers) with great success. To learn more about our school set up a free introductory class.

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Fundamentals, is our beginner program for adults. In this 28 lesson program, you will learn the core techniques of Antara Jiu-Jitsu in a fun, safe, and cooperative environment. Each one-hour lesson addresses standing and ground self-defense techniques. You can start the program at any time and participate in any class without previous experience and, since safety is our number one concern, there is no competitive sparring in this program.

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After completing the RG360 Fundamentals program you will have opportunity to join the RG360 Advanced program. RG360 Advanced consists of hundreds of advanced techniques organized into a clearly defined, systematic curriculum. The RG360 Advanced program’s unique structure simplifies the journey to black belt by organizing all of Antara Jiu-Jitsu into the five elements of Jiu Jitsu.

  • Grappling techniques
  • Throwing techniques
  • Striking Techniques
  • Standing Self Defense Techniques (Weapons Included)
  • Jiu-Jitsu Philosophy
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Our Ladies Only Jiu Jitsu classes are our official self-defense program for women. We will provide you with the physical and psychological tools to defend against the most common threats against women. You can start the program at any time and participate in any class without previous experience. Unlike most self-defense systems that rely heavily on strength, speed, and coordination, the techniques in the Ladies Only program employ leverage, technique, and timing, so anyone, regardless of age or athletic ability, can learn and apply the techniques with ease.